100% Proof Earth Is Not a Spinning Globe

What I am about to post was removed from FaceBook and for obvious reasons. the truth offends. First please take a long hard look at the photos I have added here and then proceed to read the post which clearly explains some very serious flaws of the Globe model.

Ok so you have looked at the photos and some of you might already understand . But for the die hard critics and sceptics I’m going to explain a few serious flaws with the globe earth model.

1.. All the airports in the world are always in the same place, they never move. I’m sure we can all agree on that.

2.. Aircraft carriers move and sail to many different parts of the world Right.

3.. Aircraft all over the world are taking off flying thousands of miles straight and level for many hours at a time and then landing at their destinations.

4…Now if the earth was a rotating globe travelling at around 1000 MPH as NASA and others tell us then we have a serious problem glaring us right in the face. when a pilot takes off say from London and flies straight across the Atlantic to America, then due to the supposed rotation of the earth the airport in America and probably the country too will have moved some distance. because the earth is rotating like a roundabout. but those of us who take just a little time to think will know, this is not the case because all the airport destinations in the world are always in the same places and if the earth really was a rotating ball then someone had better come up with a very good explanation as to how all those aircraft flying in many different directions manage to stay in sync with that rotating ball. IMPOSSIBLE because the earth is Flat and motionless. Finally. there is no curvature and even if there was then we have another problem. a ball has curved top sides and bottom regardless of it’s size. so ships would be sailing at all different angles. up and down that curve,not to mention upside down on the bottom of that ball. nothing can be upright, upside down, everything is upright in Australia and New Zealand just like everywhere else on earth . Time to unlearn a lifetime of bullshit indoctrination and relearn the truth….. I rest my case. FLAT EARTH.

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