Google Manipulation shifted 800,000 to 4.6 million votes in 2018 Election

Feedback comment on youtube post:
12 hours agoPeople none of this is new. It’s just taken this long for a majority of America to wake up or to come out of there Pharmaceutical coma. Your social security number is just a concentration camp number on paper not a tattoo. Your birth certificate is a promise of servitude signed unknowingly by your parents. JFK tried to warn the American people about a secret government and the manipulation of the media and it got him killed. Oh and another thing he was gonna get rid of the Federal Reserve. Anyone who has ever tried to tell the truth or end the Federal Reserve has either been character assassinated or actually assassinated. Andrew Jackson refused a charter with the banksters and they tried to kill him and discredit him and ruin his Character. Abraham Lincoln was going to get rid of the Federal Reserve and start our own US currency and they killed him. We have got to wake up and start seeing the Forest and the Trees. Everything is not black and white and you can take that anyway you want. Just stop denying truth.

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