Holocaust or Holohoax

I’ve always been interested in history, and by that I mean real history.     many of us are now  aware that much of history is fake and that some things simply don’t add up.  The state controls the education curriculum and therefore controls what it want you to know from an early age.

The holocaust  is the only event in history that you are not allowed to question or research. it is the only one protected by law.  Now if you need a law to protect something that is supposed to be true and not allowed to question, then that  should set alarm bells off in anyone’s head, and one can only come to the conclusion that someone is lying.  The MEMES in this blog were removed from FaceBook  and I have already been blocked on there at least three times. I refuse to bow down to draconian censorship and that is why I have put much effort into this site with other help so others who seek the truth can post freely about things that concern and affect us all.  We owe it to future generations so that they will not have to be ignorant of history.   After all, the children of today will be the men and women of tomorrows world. 

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