Mark Zuckerburg Censorship

As I stated in a recent post. I had my FaceBook account disabled without reason. I had well over two thousand followers plus around 600 people following me. So I opened a new account which was somewhat hilarious .

After a number of attempts I managed to get it up and running. Not before FaceBook decided to put me through the usual bullshit ritual again. To protect your security and privacy, we need your phone number,we need a clear photo of you, I AM NOT A ROBOT. I went through that procedure again. click all boxes with traffic light and all the others they gave me. Having done all that here are some extracts of what happened next.

Facebook <[email protected]>SHOW MORE19181 is your Facebook confirmation codeThu 3 Jan • 14:11

        Action required: Confirm your Facebook account        Hey Gian, You recently registered for Facebook. To complete your Facebook registration, please confirm your account.        Confirm Your Account

Facebook <[email protected]>SHOW MOREWelcome to FacebookThu 3 Jan • 14:13

        Facebook        Your account has been created – now it will be easier than ever to share and connect with your friends and family. Here are three ways for you to get the most out of it: Find people you know
Find friends and family on Facebook using our simple tools.Upload a Profile photo
Personalise your profile and help your friends recognise you.Edit your Profile
Describe personal interests, contact information and affiliations.        Get Started
After finally getting my new account I started posting some family photos and following some of my old followers again. I have a list of all my old followers so it was easy to find them along with the many groups I previously followed. THEN bang. the above message popped up. Oh shit, here we go again I thought.
So I sent another photo and as you can see I’m still waiting to see what happens next.

Facebook <[email protected]>SHOW MOREGian, log in to Facebook with one clickThu 3 Jan • 17:26

        Facebook        Hi Gian,We’ve noticed that you’re having trouble with logging in to your account. If you need help, click the button below and we’ll log you in.  Log In with One Click   Why have you received this email?There was an unsuccessful login attempt on your account. If this wasn’t you, let us know.

My email reply to FaceBook

Do you have a problem ?

I’ve followed your instructions to log in but you keep stopping me.
Name Gian Pierce
Country  Bulgaria.
Phone number [email protected]@@@[email protected]

Please find attached two photos of me taken a little earlier.
I hope this helps you  safe guard my privacy and security.
Many thanks
Gian Pierce 
PS  I often use a VPN  to help protect my privacy and security.  is that a
problem ?

I was being a little sarcastic LOL

So let’s make a few things clear here about FaceBook. They say they are concerned about people’s privacy and security. Well I am very concerned myself , that’s why I take lot’s of precautions to try and keep myself safe online from hackers FaceBook Twitter YouTube and others. the main reason why I use a VPN, Change my Mac Address and take other options to protect myself. Nothing wrong or suspicious about that. The only suspicious activity that these social media sites see is your ability to hide yourself and that is something they don’t like. So I have come to the conclusion they don’t like people taking their own measures to protect themselves on line. and so it’s the perfect excuse for them to put the brakes on your account and say suspicious activity detected. I’ve never had a reply from FaceBook when I’ve informed them many times that I am using a VPN. So please Mark Zuckerburg ,cut the bullshit as your a compulsive LIAR and you have a way of twisting words to suite your own evil agenda.. I take great pride in the fact that I have proven to be an irritating thorn in the side of such disgusting vermin who deny people the right to free speech and protect themselves from Zionist controlled boys like yourself who continue to impose your draconian censorship rules on millions of people. Your very biased and Leftest and have chosen to serve evil over good. Thankfully many millions of decent people have seen you for what you are and it’s just a matter of time until the decent on FaceBook will leave and only the fools will remain. having said that I would like to add that your attempts to stifle people like me will fail and it’s nice to know that you the man child boy of FaceBook along with your controllers are afraid of people like me who speak out against tyranny and censorship, so you block us or remove our posts which is the easiest option, because you hate the truth.

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