I recently joined after FaceBook blocked me for being an outspoken activist truth seeker. Lo and behold three days after joining MeWe I was suddenly cut off While posting links on my page. I had also posted the same to two groups who were into all things like transparency on the Internet and truth. and very soon after my account ceased working. Now MeWe accredits itself with being for the people and censorship free ? so why was I blocked. I tried emailing them but my mail was rejected I tried a number of times to sign back in, Now luck , No reason given as to why I was locked out .

I had a feeling something was fishy about this site before I had even signed up and that was also confirmed soon after when one of my followers mentioned he had posted a an old German coin with the Swastika showing on the one side and it was removed. Also soon after posting articles about WW2 and the Jews, I got an email from MeWe asking me to confirm my email which I did

Anyway it was pretty obvious that something was not right and my suspicions were soon confirmed that is NOT transparent and NOT censorship free. in fact for anyone who takes the time to check out the site properly will find it’s been cleverly packaged to give a false appearance. firstly. All accounts are private. nothing wrong with that except you don’t really know who you are following until you follow them, because if you look at each individuals profile, very often there is nothing to show what their interests are while some just give a very brief description and it’s hard to find those with the same interests unless you join a group. It seems groups are what this site is mainly about and if someone within the group or the admin does not like what you post then there’s a good chance your going to be reported and blocked.

I checked out and it’s based in America which comes under censorship laws as do the UK and many other countries. that in itself set alarm bells ringing for me. Now I happened to be a lover of history especially real history and the lies of WW2 Also the Jews are both taboo topics of open discussion on social media and that easy to understand why when you see who controls MSM social media. and a lot lot more. Make no mistake there is NO openness and transparency when it comes to questioning the Holocaust and the lies of much of history because the Jews CONTROL it all. So MeWe is just another take off of FaceBook Twitter and Youbube to give the false impression it is not censored when in fact it is.

Maybe one day someone will come up with a better plan to create a real site that is run by the people for the people and has absolute total openness that is FREE from any type of censorship where we can all have real free speech and free to question History and anything else. Until then the powers that be will continue to suppress much of the truth and most people will passively accept it .

Without history, we have only ignorance

The failure of schools to teach history has helped create a wider crisis of identity.

“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child. For what is the worth of human life, unless it is woven into the life of our ancestors by the records of history?”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero


you can check out Mark Weinstein here

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