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It has been referred to as a “breach” and misuse of private information. It has been the buzz of social media and it may have long-lasting impact, particularly in the United States. We are talking about Cambridge Analytica’s use of information it retrieved from Facebook and Facebook users. This data was apparently used to target political ads to influence the American election.

Before we get too far into the weeds on the subject, it should be noted that the purpose of all political advertising is to influence voters. This should surprise no one. It should also be noted that this information was gathered within Facebook’s own guidelines. If there was a breach, it was, in fact, the “breach of trust” Mark Zuckerberg referred to in the interviews he gave following the news. People trusted Facebook with their information. That being said, Zuckerberg made his fortune gathering information from users and selling his “audience” to companies wanting to target certain groups and individuals. Internet privacy is to a great degree, an illusion. We’ve all had that startling experience of searching for a topic or service and all of a sudden we are seeing ads for that product on our social media. Where did we think this information was coming from?  We were, and are, providing this wealth of data ourselves, and doing so willingly.

There are other ways to beat the big giants like FaceBook.

If only people could learn to come together and form their own sites and link with other sites. Diversity is KEY. People need to be in control of their own Data, Privacy, and Security. That is never going to happen so long as they are shackled to the big giants who pull the strings. They are NOT interested in your privacy and security, They are only interested in EXPLOITING it, it’s that simple that many still can’t see or not bothered to care less. Your never going to have real freedom of free speech with sites like FaceBook, Twitter, and Youtube. The best option is to leave them and look at alternative ways. Just remember one thing. those same sites started off small. we can do the same, by doing it as many sites all over the world. all linking to each other yet in total control of what we post and sharing information with each other. Secure email is another thing people need to be concerned about. Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and others are NOT secure. They can see your emails . Look for a good encrypted email client, there are plenty out there. Read the reviews, VPN is also another. If you really care about your security and privacy, then you should pay serious attention to what has been posted above.

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