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  1. So true, I’ve ditched Google and now only use DuckDuckGo and now using Opera Browser which as a FREE VPN. Also recommend that people get a better email provider ( the free ones track ALL!)
    I use http://www.Protonmail.com and they are fantastic based in Switzerland and so not under EU/USA Laws.

    1. That’s a good idea, I was just thinking that because mine is google email

      1. You need to change it. Check out proton email. they also do a very stron VPN too

      2. Hi Colleen. I hope you will enjoy the site and take full advantage with the knowledge you can post at will. please share with others.

  2. Forbes Protonmail “the only email system NSA can’t access,” and with good reason. Their servers are located in Switzerland, which means the US government cannot forcibly shut them down or order them to produce information. In any case, the emails are encrypted end to end, which makes it impossible to intercept and decipher them. Also, ProtonMail does not log IP addresses, so you are truly anonymous by using this service.

    Creating a ProtonMail account is free, though you can upgrade to a premium account to access more features.

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