Social Media Censorship

While social media sites  offer us a lot of variety like posting Video’s  photos messages  and  other stuff.   they also restrict a lot of information ,typically in the political area.  One has to be care of what one posts, or it could be deemed as Antisemitic  or Hate speech.  Political Correctness has taken on a whole new meaning.

Sites like FaceBook  serve a purpose for truth seekers and truth activists alike, but there’s a problem. YOUR LIMITED TO WHAT YOU CAN SAY.   There is a line you cannot go beyond, and your stuck in a loop.  For one to express themselves properly within barriers is impossible.  Speaking the truth has indeed become a revolutionary act, which can land you in FaceBook jail or even banned altogether.  Yet for some strange reason many truthers fail to see it’s like flogging a dead horse.    I’ve said it before.  Email  and building sites like this are the way forward if you really want to get your full message across to the masses and stay linked to the masses.  Sites like FaceBook started off small and over time they grew and were designed that way to glean the information of millions. it has worked very well.  Do you see the difference when you have more diversity  where no one company has total control.  Have you got the picture yet.   

We have given everyone the chance to express themselves freely and uncensored.  this site was created solely for that purpose , and hopefully it will be a pioneer and example for others around the world to copy.

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