The Big Lie

The word ‘antisemitic’ is a ridiculous word. It means anti-Jew, so why not just say anti-Jew. or anti-truth The word seems to have been designed to sound a bit vague, as though it refers to other semitic peoples. It doesn’t. It also seems to have been designed to sound a bit scientific, as though it refers to a scientifically recognised personality disorder. It doesn’t.

It’s very clever of the Jews to invent a derogatory word like ‘antisemitic’ and have that word associated with concentration camps and gas chambers. That way, if anyone raises the slightest objection to their country being taken over by Jews, all they have to do is call that person ‘antisemitic’ and in the minds of the sheeple that person becomes like some sort of deranged criminal.

Social media sites are becoming more hostile towards those that post articles about the Jews Israel or Hitler.  It’s not hate speech to question and research history  Calling it Antsemitic  or hate speech  is just an excuse to quell those who wish to know the truth. 

I have always been interested in history and for much of my life I was one of countless millions who really believed  a lot of the things that were passed on by others and what I learned at school.  The so called Holohoax  as it has now become known  gets a lot of coverage each year.  Yes people did die in the labour camps. but 6 million is absolutely ridiculous and no real genuine evidence to support it. Also the figures have fluctuated vastly over the years and the German people have been forced to pay money to the so called victims ever since. I am going to add some links here to support what I have written and I feel it’s high time the world knew the real truth about what really happened all those years ago  and how Israel  is part of the big lie.

Since waking up from all the lies I have delved more and more into WW2  the Chapter of history that has become more of a taboo subject that some do not wish to investigate or talk about,  but quite happy to live in ignorance.

True name NSDAP    not  NAZI   party. 

Conformist historians and others tell us  millions of Jews died at the hands of the German.  That was not so.  The Jewish Bolsheviks were the real enemy  whom General George Patton had warned about. it was they who did the raping of German women and young girls, many of whom committed suicide rather than be captured by the  Bolshevik Jews advancing on a defeated Germany.  

Gas was used in the camps to delouse the inmates cloths and bedding to kill the lice that caused Typhus which many died from. the other thing was starvation  because routes to the camps had been destroyed by the allies  No one was ever gassed. 

The holocaust is almost certainly the biggest lie in modern history which needs proper investigating with more transparency  and not protected by law.  No truth needs a law to protect it   because only lies need laws to protect them.

The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing Of Europeans

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