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Choosing a VPN  or  Virtual Private Network is  not easy for many but I’ll go through a few things to help you.  Firstly a VPN  changes your countries IP Address  which means if you connect to a VPN server in  Australia or other country. it will show that countries IP address and not the one your in.  VPN’s are very handy when you want to be Anonymous on line. they are also good in countries of high internet censorship.   another great way of taking your online privacy to a higher level is to use TOR  https://www.torproject.org/      or  i2p  which sends all your traffic through different tunnels all encrypted.   https://geti2p.net/en/    

Nothing is 100%  secure but using the right set up makes it very hard for those that want to see your data and browsing habits.

Anyway  getting back to a VPN  I have tried many over the years some good some bad  and one or two others have served me very well..   Proton VPN  I have found suites my needs the best. it is best to visit their website and read through all the information yourself .  it’s very easy to install on your computer Ipad, most cell phones and so on.  https://protonvpn.com/

The price is very reasonable  with a wide range of country VPN servers to suite all.   they also do a good encrypted email client  which puts many others like Gmail. Yahoo, Aol  and others to shame.  But like I said. always best to read up the information yourself.    With all the spying going on in the internet it makes good sense to protect you online security and privacy.  


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  1. I use AIRVPN and use the FREE VPN with Opera, Try to avoid using Google products ie Gmail, Chrome. Use DuckDuck Go search engine and browsers like SlimJim, Opera.. Plus upgrade your email provide to TutaNota start with the free and for just 11 euros per year get more features..

    1. I’m using proton in combination with i2p and a good browser. works well

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