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Well, FaceBook has finally comfirmed. My account has been disabled. they never even gave a clear reason why, which is no surprise as many others have had the same experience. They did give me the option to download all my data which I’m very sure they have a copy of.

Whistleblower Exposes Facebook Censorship Techniques


Norway declares war on Facebook: PM and newspapers unite to attack Zuckerberg ‘censorship


I happened to be very active on FaceBook promoting awareness and posting information links on truth and sites that help expose the lies as in Vaccines. Child sex abuse. government corruption and others.

There is no freedom of speech on FaceBook. Twitter and Youtube. along with Google they are all colluding with each other to stifle the voice of the masses and by doing so they are just exposing the evil agenda they are supporting and digging their own graves. One of the main goals of these companies is to collect as much information on the individual as possible which they will use to mark those that are the greatest threat to the cabal and to take appropriate steps to silence them.

Images like the ones above are being removed. I was just 12 when the US war in Vietnam was being fought, and I can still remember these and many other images from that time in my life. People have a right to research and know history and what really happened. The history of WW2 is another area that is coming under more censorship,.

Here are just a few photos that got me into trouble on FaceBook.

I refuse to be intimidated by the likes of Facebook and others.

I am on a mission to promote free speech and expose the lies that are being continually covered up. The sole purpose of this site is for people to post blogs and video links that come under CENSORSHIP on many other internet site.

Please feel free to post your video links .other links and personal blogs and if you like, then please spread the word and feel free to join and help the truth movement Hosted by OrangeWebsite offshore hosting Iceland https://www.orangewebsite.com/

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